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Scoring System

The content score for each program is based on the actual website scores given to the site during thorough site reviews. These are the most subjective scores included in the WebmasterScore system and many viewers may think a site deserves a slightly higher or lower score. The purpose of providing a content score is to give a basic idea if the members areas are quality products designed to retain members or not. Sites with low content scores are usually ones that will perform better on a PPS basis, sites with very high content scores may actually pay more over time on RevShare.

The Payout score takes into account the stated payout amounts each sponsor offers. Sites that offer both RevShare and PPS options tend to score higher. Sites with RevShare only and high content scores tend to score higher than sites with RevShare only and low content scores. Sites with Trials offered and with PPS on trials offers score higher than sites without trials generally. Sites with many pricing options that allow webmasters to set the price-point and payout for themselves score the highest.

Stability scores are useful only to show the length of time a program has been around, the general opinion of the program (as aggregated from various sources including industry message boards, trade magazines and comments by webmasters). Rock solid long time industry players like Hustler or CCBill or Playboy score highest, newer independent programs processing their own payouts with little or no existing reputation score lower. A program with a lower stability score is one you may want to set a lower minimum payout with for example. Keep in mind, lower stability programs also tend to be those that are not oversaturated from a promotion perspective so they have other advantages as well.

The Promotion score takes into account the number of kinds of promo materials offered, the amount of promo materials offered, the willingness of a program to create custom promo materials and higher scores are given for programs that have innovative promo materials unlike all the others. The VideoWall Flash promo from VideosZ is a good example of an innovative promo item.

Two different but somewhat related factors are used to determine the Support score. One is the Program's commitment to supporting surfers who you send to their site. Programs that offer phone support, 24/7 live support and things of that sort for surfers generally score higher. The other side of the support score is derived from how easy it is to reach support people at the sponsor via email or ICQ or phone and how helpful they are as relayed by numerous webmasters.

The Fees score is based on what kind of fees a Sponsor charges for payouts. Sponsors that set high minimum payouts, fees on checks or wires or epass score lower than those with Free payment processing and no minimum payouts. Those that offer many payout options also generally score higher than those that offer only one way to get paid. Sponsors interested in expanding the ways they can pay affiliates are encouraged to contact and let then know WebmasterScore referred you.

Final Score
The Final Score is one comprised of all the sub-scores listed above. We understand that ANY scoring system is subjective. For that reason the Sponsor Search on WebmasterScore is designed to allow webmasters to search by OBJECTIVE criteria instead. While scores may be helpful to some webmasters because they do provide an impartial point of view, we expect that most webmasters will make up their own mind about a sponsor by reviewing the affiliate program details as stated, reading the pitch from the sponsor and doing their own due diligence.

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