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WebmasterScore News
Fubar Webmasters Now Powered by ADVIDI on Facebook (02-10-2014)
For more than a decade JFK of has been practically everywhere that an adult industry trade show, private party or insider event has taken place. Capturing the feel and flavor of each event while creating a living record of the fun, excitement and business being done around the globe by forward thinking webmasters who continue to adapt to an always evolving market of consumers. Now, the fruit of that labor is being showcased in a whole new way on Facebook with the expert help of ADVIDI for everyone!

ADVIDI is a successful performance network run by industry veterans offering leading-edge software, exclusive offers, and on-time payouts for the adult industry. The new FubarWebmasters Facebook Powered By Advidi page is a way for ADVIDI to give even more back to the online community while updating this group for to highlight past events and all upcoming shows in real time.

"In the last several months, we have worked hard to filter and upload the massive archive of event content accumulated by Fubar Webmasters and to create Facebook Albums suitable to share it all on the world's most popular social media platform" said Ivo, VP Affiliate Marketing of "Now we are up to speed with all of the prior shows, and are ready to add every upcoming show that FUBAR attends!"

Fubar Webmasters has attended more than 30 shows in 2013 alone, with many new fresh faces and products entering the adult market. "The show schedules are busier than ever and we will continue in our leading role by providing an important way for them to gain exposure online" said JFK of "This new strategic partnership with ADVIDI also gives attendees a way to easily connect with the people they personally met in the past or are looking to do business with at upcoming events."

The current site will remain live and will display the total inventory of all pictures and events from each show, while The Fubar Powered by ADVIDI Facebook page, will show a glimpse of approximately 50 pictures featuring 3 or more people and will never show nudity or adult content of any kind. This way the Facebook page is family safe and helps individuals to make better use of events when a more vanilla approach would be appreciated. That also opens up the possibility of added exposure for advertisers to a new interactive audience.

Industry insiders should also expect some fun contests in the upcoming months that will increase the coverage of the group, as well as some new features this platform will offer that should prove to be very useful for everyone. "This is just the beginning of something beautiful" JFK remarked.

You are encouraged to check out the new page:, and please feel free to LIKE and TAG it for your own future use. It is already becoming one of the bookmarks decision-makers visit often to keep a finger on the pulse of the entire industry!
WebmasterScore News Provides Site Tours And Promo Materials Optimized For Each Device (10-14-2013)
The website is already well known for distributing a massive collection of top quality hardcore videos from the Zero Tolerance studio archives. Now, along with the existing 'responsive design layout' of the site which automatically optimizes itself to suit the browser of each incoming visitor, the content will also be available on two parallel site tours specifically designed to make mobile and tablet users feel even more comfortable. and combine specific device interface upgrades and custom tailored promotional materials to improve site performance and affiliate profitability simultaneously!

"We are really excited about the two new tours because they go beyond what is being offered elsewhere on the web" said Michael of "Many sites, including our own, offer a responsive tour that utilizes some of the functionality of portable devices and scales visible real estate to fit smaller screens - but that really isn't going far enough anymore. The ZTODmobile and ZTODtablet sites take full advantage of the interface and design capabilities of specific devices while doing a better job of offsetting their shortcomings to create a fully, richer and more rewarding experience for each visitor."

Along with the new site tours for fans, ZTOD is also making a full set of promotional materials available to suit these specific devices, including FHGs and other tailored marketing materials that make it easier than ever to successfully pitch an adult entertainment product to your traffic across their preferred handheld viewing device.

For more information about the new tours and promo materials, or to discuss the specific needs of your own custom marketing campaigns, webmasters are encouraged to visit or to speak with today.
WebmasterScore News
Grand Slam Media Proactive Risk-Protection System Unveiled (07-11-2013)
Canada - Grand Slam Media delivers billions of unique visitors for a lengthy client list of renowned companies as a premier traffic brokerage firm with a long history of trustworthy service. Now the company is revealing some of the proprietary methods put in place to protect Advertisers and Publishers from malicious code by third-parties and other potential fraud problems that occur if left unchecked.

"It's very important that Grand Slam Media continues to invest in the business and the success of all our partners" said Luke Hazlewood, CEO of "Risk management and client protection is always the top priority for GSMI, because we understand the importance of proactively keeping our clients safe, to avoid problems instead of trying to solve them after the fact. That's why we continue to develop new proprietary tools and work with the best security consultants for the benefit of everyone connected to the Grand Slam Media traffic ecosystem."

Grand Slam media has developed in-house real time malware scanning techniques and supplements those efforts by partnering with leading security consultants including RiskIQ, Securi and other prominent firms. Using these methods, malicious ads are immediately flagged and removed from the network. Anti-fraud procedures prevent Ad High-Jacking or code injections - and most importantly, the entire security platform is augmented by continuous manual checks of ad spots from multiple geographical locations, and virtually every device type.

Grand Slam Media has had risk-management systems in place since day one, and this new evolution of the entire security framework had been in development for several months until it became fully functional during May of this year. The announcement of these features was delayed to ensure that the systems were all properly optimized. Now, the company is proud to reveal these safeguards and looks forward to demonstrating them in greater detail for existing or prospective clients.

Advertisers and Publishers interested in traffic partnerships are encouraged to contact or to visit the company website today. Getting the most traffic with zero headaches and the highest profitability for your brand just became a whole lot easier.
WebmasterScore News Site Certifications Now Visible In Five Languages (04-19-2013)
New York - site certifications are already displayed prominently on the join pages of many of the best known brands online. The seals have received more than 1.7 billion views across hundreds of sites in a variety of mainstream and adult markets. Now the certificates can easily be translated into German, Italian, Spanish, French or English by any consumer with a single click of their mouse.

"As emerging markets continue to increase their influence on the success of commercial websites globally, having each site certification available in more languages makes good sense" said Stewart Tongue of "We take the feedback of our customers and the millions of consumers who utilize to find ethical sites online very seriously. As additional languages become prominent we will continually add new translations to accommodate everyone in their own native tongue."

The certifications explain that each site has passed a rigorous ethics inspection which may include detailed review of terms and conditions pages, cancellation policies, privacy policies and test joins to ensure that consumers are being treated fairly during all interactions with a certified site. Other trust seals focus on scanning for viruses or preventing third parties from engaging in nefarious behavior, but Website Secure is the industry leader in preventing sites from mistreating customers or visitors via unscrupulous business practices.

"It has been said many times that there is no such thing as a completely air tight method of monitoring all activities of a website with absolute certainty" said Tongue. "While there is certainly some truth to that, highlighting the ethical brands who voluntarily have their sites inspected and relying on a combination of automated and manual techniques to exclude bad actors is allowing and the brands we certify to continue making an important difference."

The certifications were translated by experts at, a company with many years of experience and direct access to native speakers from many nations who are capable of providing quality commercial text translations for mainstream or adult brands. "We were obviously pleased to be a part of this project" said Colin of Translations XXX. "Working with a prestigious brand like also makes it clear that we agree with the basic philosophy involved - that good companies and consumers ought to be banding together to deal in fair value as part of an ethical purchasing experience online."

For more information about or to begin the simple process of having your own sites certified, ethical webmasters are encouraged to visit or to email to get certified now.
WebmasterScore News
Pinsex Adds Stick-It And Follow-Me Functionality Adult Pinboard (03-13-2013)
As Pinsex continues to evolve the user experience favored by fans and content providers, new exciting features continue to be added on a continuous basis. Among the most popular new aspects of the site are the Stick-It and Follow-Me buttons that are now available throughout the site. Best of all, these additional user tools are amplifying the benefits for content partners promoting TGP's, Tubes, Paysites and more.

"The Stick-It button makes it easier than ever for people to share your content from PinSex and find their way back to your websites" said Joao of "Meanwhile, the Follow-Me button brings people together by giving any Pinsex visitor the power to invite other people to follow their own Pinsex account for any website. Building a big community around your site with Pinsex is fast, easy and free for forward thinking content owners and webmaster marketers."

All the best aspects of mainstream social networks like Facebook and Pinterest with a similarly loyal community of potential customers but without the restrictive artificial boundaries or taboos adult companies deal with on a daily basis when trying to access the audience of other sites - that is exactly what has so many site owners excited about working with!

Getting free traffic back to your site and building a dedicated fan base of followers all starts by creating your own free account. The entire process takes only a few minutes and it's absolutely free for your content to start accessing a share of more than 400,000 content views per day. Implementing our entire suite of widgets is as simple as copy and pasting a snippet of code from our widget page to your websites.

For more information, visit and contact to get the maximum benefit from promoting your sites in the most immersive way possible. Increasing your traffic and the interactivity of your websites is easier now than ever before with these exciting new tools from!
WebmasterScore News
TrafficForce Sponsors Phoenix Forum And Two Days Of Hooters Networking (02-26-2013)
TrafficForce is assisting adult business owners by sponsoring The Phoenix Forum show and cohosting the always popular two day Hooters happy hour event where everyone can meet, network and have a great time while getting deals done. The new version 2.0 of the powerful TrafficForce ad platform will be unveiled in advance of the show and opens up whole new possibilities for site owners looking to boost their revenue with valuable new visitors.

"Phoenix Forum is a show I circle on my calendar at the start of every year because it does such a great job of bringing the whole industry together" said Ross of TrafficForce. "We're proud to be back, sponsoring and cohosting Hooters with PIMPROLL again. It's always a great place to meet people you haven't worked with before or catch up with friends you have been working with forever. Everyone from the forum is invited and we look forward to seeing you there."

The new version 2.0 of TrafficForce adds new tools and customization capabilities to the industry leading ad platform which will allow clients to obtain the highest quality traffic at the lowest possible price. Mobile integration and administration are also built in at every level of the interface, saving time and maximizing ROI for customers.

"Anyone who wants to discuss TrafficForce 2.0 should contact me any time or drop by the Hooters event at Phoenix Forum in April to go over the upgrades in person" said Ross of "With the show events and new software features there are always new opportunities expand your profitability as a TrafficForce client."

For more information about The Phoenix Forum, webmasters are encouraged to visit The Phoenix Forum online or check out TrafficForce to see why so many leading companies and ad buyers are using the award winning ad platform to access more than 9 Billion impressions every month.
WebmasterScore News
Adult AdSpy Shows You Exactly What Other Webmasters Are Buying (02-07-2013)
Adult AdSpy is a carefully designed tool used by top media buyers and individual webmasters to scout their competition and take full advantage of all the information available to fine tune their most profitable marketing campaigns. Now the software has been expanded to include the top 100,000 adult websites by traffic volume, making the information even more powerful and monetization much easier as well.

"The amount of time, money and effort that can be saved by simply capitalizing on the data the tool provides is mind-blowing" said Jay Schwarz, CEO and founder of Adult AdSpy "Years ago everyone had to go out and try to reinvent fire by themselves because nobody knew how to watch what everyone else was doing. Now with, a lot of the work you might try to do yourself is already done by others and available to you simply by utilizing our revolutionary ad-tracking software."

Adult AdSpy allows users to see all of the placements where a specific ad is running, the duration of each run and the traffic network being used. Advanced users can go further, drilling down to see the landing page result, the offer in place and the countries being targeted by each ad. In theory, any user can put that information to work immediately by simply setting up their own marketing campaign with the information gained. The system even allows users to look up all of the other ads this individual advertiser or media buyer has placed recently, to gain a broader understanding of the overall strategies being employed.

Get full access to advertising awareness in more than 23 countries. Search by Offer, Traffic Source, Web or Mobile traffic, Landing Page, Publisher or Top Performing Ads. Then broaden your view to include close to 100 different Ad Sizes and Individual Ad Types as well. Best of all, gives you access to the newest information by updating every hour, 24 hours per day.

Webmasters interested in earning more by doing less should visit or contact today to discuss your specific marketing goals and the many ways this powerful tool can help you make it all happen.
WebmasterScore News
PaperStreetCash Giving Away Big Prizes And New Site Launch (01-25-2013)
Adding to the award winning lineup of high quality XXX erotica under the Team Skeet brand, Paper Street Cash is launching two new sites for affiliates and fans with an exciting iPad Mini Giveaway Contest. features gorgeous models standing no more than five feet tall and weighing in at less than one hundred pounds. is loaded with first time ebony starlets and intimate interviews, providing fans with all the petite and ethnic talent they crave. Featuring full HD quality downloadable and streaming versions of every scene, these two new sites have fans excited and webmasters can start the year off right by earning plenty of sales and winning a new iPad or a Beats by Dre headset along the way.

"Every time we do market research and prepare to launch a new site in our portfolio, we consult with our fans, and the buzz leading up to the launch of these two petite porn sites has been fantastic" said Amar of "The new content is available via specific gateway tours or through our mega-site for fans. We have many custom marketing materials already available for our affiliates and a fast paced update schedule planned for all our fans."

The new sites benefit from years of experience that has garnered while creating and managing industry leading brands including: InnocentHigh, OyeLoca, SoloInterviews and of course, the network mega-site TeenyBlack features frequent updates starring top black petite pornstars including Jayla Dream, Mona Bella, Courtney Williams and Rudy Karmel. ExxxtraSmall adds the likes of Elizabeth Bentley, Tia Cyrus, Jessi Palmer and Scarlet Monroe to the mix.

Every sale sent to Exxxtra Small gets you one ticket in the drawing for the new iPad Mini, a prize that proves small size is what many people want. If you prefer the urban beat, send traffic to Teeny Black and every sale gets you one entry in the drawing for a brand new Beats by Dre headset. The contest ends on 1/31/13 and the content runs from 2/01/13 to 2/28/13 with winners announced on the website. That combination of top quality exclusive content and terrific prizes for these two sites makes them the hottest launches to start of 2013 for everyone.

For more information about these two sites or to begin monetizing them both with unique marketing materials for your own campaigns, and to learn more about the contests, webmasters are encouraged to sign up at or contact today.
WebmasterScore News
Manica Media Takes Over Exclusive Management Of PornXN (01-15-2013)
Manica Media has made another significant move by integrating PornXN Cash and all of their content sites into a growing portfolio of quality paysites available through the Manica Money affiliate program. This deal greatly expands the reach of Manica Media into new content niches and includes all aspects of the PornXN presence online, exclusive distribution of award winning content and continuing brand management.

"Coming off our tremendous growth from 2012, Manica Media sees 2013 as the perfect time to further expand , by bringing in top quality niche brands like PornXN" said Erwin de Boer, VP of Online Media. "The new versions of and are already available for affiliates and fans, with complete redesigns that will significantly improve monetization. This exclusive deal with PornXN establishes Manica Media as a major player in several boutique niches which round out the impressive site portfolio ManicaMoney affiliates can monetize.”

“This deal provides PornXN with the noteworthy marketing abilities of Manica Media" said Dennis of PornXN. "These guys have a ton of experience increasing visibility, generating traffic, optimizing engagement and maximizing revenues. We have also seen the amazing reach of Manica Media first hand and we want to entertain the largest possible audience. It’s a perfect fit because it allows us to bring new niches of content to ManicaMoney affiliates while building on the enormous momentum that Manica Media has generated in the last several months. It's a very exciting time for our fans and affiliates for sure."

Affiliates interested in monetizing PornXN niche content while taking advantage of proven marketing management behind the scenes are encouraged to sign up at Content providers seeking wider distribution should contact to discuss the many ways Manica Media can amplify the online aspects of your business as well!
WebmasterScore News
PinSex New Features Expand XXX Community Options (01-09-2013) continues to innovate by adding new features and design elements to the most robust pin-board adult site ever built. Greater interactive options allow community members to connect more easily, while expansion into the club and companionship niches bring interest from entirely new adult erotica markets. See it all of yourself and open new revenue streams for your own adult business by partnering with Pin Sex as a content or traffic provider.

"The User to User messaging with our new PinSex InMail system along with traditional chat rooms and our massive Webcam section brings together all of our guests and registered members in new exciting ways" said Joao of "This expansion of services is the key step of evolving our pin-board content interface into a fully functional adult community portal that provides erotica fans with everything they desire in a sexy way that is as powerful as it is simple."

Find the best gentleman's club wherever you are or wherever you are going to be. Have a memorable interlude with a beautiful companion anywhere in the world. Get the most out of your online social networking by using PinSex as your premier erotic chat and communication system to connect with people that share the same interests while developing your own new romantic relationships. From a state of the art WebCam platform that displays more than 100,000 performer profiles to the most alluring digital shop of sex toys - has everything adults need to succeed in a wide variety of erotic endeavors.

Affiliate program owners can utilize PinSex to promote content in whole new ways by creating a professional account as part of the Partner Program. Pornstars can now take advantage of a specific section that includes your best pictures, direct contact with fans online, and a sexy environment free of boundaries or taboos with plenty of banner ad space and prominent placement so you can promote yourself to fans and get lots of easy to monetize exposure. Adult clubs are already submitting promotions to bring in customers from the PinSex community and the possibilities for new methods of marketing are truly limitless using the unique digital platform.

Fans and Adult industry partners are encouraged to contact to provide constructive feedback or discuss ideas for contests, prizes, new sections or anything you think will enhance the PinSex experience. We look forward to hearing from you in 2013 as we gather an even larger audience and continue to serve the needs of the entire adult online marketplace. is also closing the second round of investment in February. If you would like more investor relations information, please contact today.
WebmasterScore News
Pacino Cash Launches New Solo Girl Site To Start 2013 Off Right (01-07-2013)
Pacino Cash is excited to announce the release of, the only official website that Gisele is personally involved with in every aspect. Providing the personal touch that successful adult modeling sites need to succeed, Gisele is intimately involved with everything from the way the content is filmed to making direct contact with members via live webcam shows, private diary blogs and frequent forum interactivity. If you haven't had the chance to check out her site yet, be sure you do because traffic partners and industry professionals will want to max out monetization of the newest addition to the PacinoCash network right now.

“We’re really excited because our solo girl lineup keeps getting stronger and the addition of XoGisele is a new jewel for our traffic partners to promote” said Pacino of “I first met Gisele at an industry tradeshow last year in Las Vegas and we hit it off right away but even I was surprised by how intense her commitment to success has been since we started working together. She is dedicated to this new venture with Pacino Cash and we believe in her 100%. There is no doubt in my mind XoGisele will be a big seller with strong member retention thanks to all of her personal interaction with turning new customers into loyal fans.”

Gisele is a busty blond with a very large following on the internet already and her fan base will continue to grow now that she has her own official signature site to promote. New exclusive content is already being added every week and members will always be getting their fresh new fix from XoGisele with live shows and other day to day bonuses. Getting links live now is the best way to capitalize on the momentum of the XoGisele launch.

"I'm just so excited to be back in action and looking forward to all the big things ahead" said XoGisele. "Really proud of my new site, and I've invited my naughty side to come out and play so its sure not to disappoint all my fans and affiliates!'

Visit to see the newest site on the network and contact the Pacino Cash affiliate program to arrange any custom marketing materials for your own campaigns as 2013 starts out with a big bang from!
WebmasterScore News
PIMPROLL Acquires Dating Site (12-14-2012)
PIMPROLL has acquired the already established Be Social dating site, which has a strong reputation among review sites and dating enthusiasts for providing real dating profiles and exciting browsing options, backed by a massive community of loyal members. Now has become the newest jewel in a successful string of innovations from PIMPROLL during the preceding eighteen months. Continuing to build on the momentum of TrafficForce, HostedTube and PaidPerView - PIMPROLL is integrating BeSocial into their premier network of adult traffic monetization sites.

"We examined the existing adult dating and mainstream dating markets extensively before making this move, and we are very pleased with the early results already" said David K. of PIMPROLL. "The focus of is on providing valued community members with a real opportunity to browse profiles of potential dates, communicate with new romantic interests anonymously and arrange a rendezvous with someone special that exceeds even their own high expectations. BeSocial represents a more casual and flexible new alternative catering to men, women, couples and gives them the tools to use the site the way they want. We have a lot of innovative ideas planned for the site and look forward to expanding a large organic community of loyal, existing members. Singles are already using BeSocial helping us grow into the biggest, most trusted casual dating site online." allows visitors to browse profiles, send gifts, create free accounts, chat live, arrange meetings, friend other members and find a match using key elements of compatibility. With so many real profiles to choose from and global coverage of dating opportunities, gives online dating enthusiasts the best chance to find romantic and social opportunities. The profile Popularity Meter and integration with social networks also enables site members to increase their visibility by interacting with more potential singles through a fun and highly usable interface. BeSocial also employs systems to increase user engagement and is already aligned more with the expectations of dating users today.

Already at the helm of one of the most robust traffic networks, the launch of innovative new options for webmasters and content providers along with continuing management of hundreds of top paysites and this premium acquisition of shows that PIMPROLL is continuing to take a long term approach to building successful brands and enduring business relationships. "We are moving full speed ahead and have several more big announcements planned for the next few months" said David K of

" is another high profile step forward for us and our business partners as our overall plans continue to unfold."
WebmasterScore News
Manica Media Launches For Harmony Films (11-13-2012)
Manica Media and Harmony Films have signed an exclusive partnership deal whereby Manica Media will manage and market, the new official flagship website for Harmony Films, under the affiliate program The landmark deal will bring one of the top selling European brands of adult entertainment online in a big way, backed by the expertise of the trusted Manica Media marketing team with full access to their direct pipeline of premium traffic affiliates. is the first membership site to bring the entire library of exclusive Harmony Films content to fans online. Featuring exceptional high quality content that has made the studio so successful in the UK and elsewhere, Harmony has a complete catalog of top selling titles, name brand pornstar performers and exclusive behind the scenes access to a massive archive of unique adult entertainment that fans crave. The studio began filming in 2004 and has worked diligently to expand its audience via traditional media distribution channels. Now, leveraging the experience and expertise of Manica Media, Harmony Films is primed to move forward and attract and even wider audience of digital distribution fans online.

For Manica Media, this announcement is the newest in a recent string of successful ventures that include some of the best known studio names in adult film history. "We are very proud to announce the addition of Harmony Films to our growing network of content partners, and are continuing to build momentum by adding premium quality content to our program of top quality sites while attracting many of the most significant traffic partners to our network" said Erwin de Boer, VP of Online Media at Manica Media. "Providing the perfect match of quality content and high traffic distribution online is what gives Manica Media content partners like Harmony Films a competitive edge, resulting in faster and more profitable monetization of each new movie they produce."

"Everyone at Harmony Films is very excited about the launch of We finally have a home for our fans to go to online and Manica Media will bring our adult films to an even bigger global audience” said Chris Norman, CEO of Harmony Films. "Our award winning directors include Gazzman, Tanya Hyde and critically acclaimed newcomer Scarlett Revell, and really sets our content apart from other studios is our commitment to casting terrific talent like Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas, Brooklyn Lee, Kagney Linn Karter, Belladonna, Skin Diamond and Sasha Grey in films that unleash their natural sexual charm without restricting it to a preconceived Director's notion of what a girl should be like. That true passion is what gives our videos a special vibe and keeps our fans coming back for more with each new release."

Affiliates interested in cashing in on the best video content from the most popular studio in the United Kingdom and the unique advantages of a paysite program powered by Manica Media, are encouraged to signup at or contact to discuss your upcoming campaigns.
WebmasterScore News Free Downloadable Desktop Nude Dancers Now Optimized For Mac (10-08-2012) has already provided 17 Million erotica fans with more than 1,000 gorgeous desktop dancers in thirty to forty-five minute feature dance performances that seamlessly overlay right onto a computer desktop and offer a unique level of integration for anyone wanting to add some sexual charm. Recent advances have included full HD quality camera work, lesbian sex shows on the spin-off site, and now a completely optimized Mac version of the free software is available for anyone using Mac products.

"We have a thriving community of fans who enjoy commenting about each new performance and sharing ideas for upcoming shows" said Rex of "It came to our attention that some of our fans were viewing shows by running our exclusive free downloads through an emulator program on their Mac devices. In order to provide the absolute best quality shows, we decided to create a custom version of the software specifically tailored to the desires of Mac users, and the results are really exciting."

VirtuaGirl dancers can be chosen from thousands of shows, wearing different costumes and exploring a variety of themes that range from the most sensual softcore to girls who prefer to take a much more aggressive in-your-face approach while dancing. Filmed with proprietary green-screen technology, the performances flawlessly appear on the computer desktop of any PC or Mac computer to keep fans company as they simultaneously operate any other desktop software.

"Staring at a spreadsheet for hours while sorting out something complicated becomes a much more enjoyable when you can have a brand new stripper show up on your desktop alongside your work at your discretion" said Rex. "The HD quality even allows fans to zoom in any time, for a more intimate experience when they are in the mood to take a deeper look at their favorite desktop darlings."

Affiliates looking for a quality product capable of converting in the 'free porn era' of adult entertainment are encouraged to take a closer look at as well. The proprietary VirtuaGirl software allows visitors to enjoy free teaser shows and offers exclusive feature length performances using a token system so that new customers can pick specific models for their own growing collection. Meanwhile the business model prevents illegal file lockers, piracy or tube sites from cutting into your profits and ensures that your bookmakers are always treated to a first class user experience. Greater recurring revenue and a more stable financial reward has allowed traffic partners to earn millions of dollars from working with through the years.

Promoting and the new Mac software is easy with new custom designed MAC specific promo materials available now at Maximizing your revenue is now easier than ever, especially with Mac desktop traffic, thanks to the all new Mac version of!
WebmasterScore News
Madison Lain - New Sexy Southen Solo Girl From (10-02-2012)
The growing network of exciting solo girl sites from is launching and adding some Southern flavor to the lineup for fans and affiliates. Madison Lain is the 4th exclusive solo girl site from the growing program and she adds a sweet, wholesome blonde haired blue eyed sense of Southern charm for fans of elite petite models.

“Madison Lain is a warm breath of fresh air for fans who adore all natural beauty, and working with her has been an amazing experience" said CEO Bobby Catalano, aka Pacino. "This is her first website and all of the content is completely exclusive, but more than that, Madison is eager to be directly involved with her fans in many interactive ways. That personal touch makes all the difference in establishing a popular performer who can entertain many and continue expanding the recurring revenue of all of our traffic partners." offers exclusive photo sets and videos in the solo girl masturbation and toys niche, backed by frequent members-only live webcam shows where fans can explore their hottest fantasies with their new favorite online girlfriend. Multiple updates each week, and full access to a dozen quality sites on the network along with plenty of bonuses to make joining an easy decision for consumers and profiting an even easier activity for adult webmasters.

"All of the great promo tools our traffic partners expect are already available for the new Madison Lain website, and custom promo materials are always a possibility" said Kellie of "Having a slate of gorgeous girls who overlap each other in some ways while also each serving their own distinct audience gives webmasters a very powerful inventory of marketing materials to work with and we are always here to help with creative campaigns."

New Southern solo girl Madison Lain stands 5' 3 and measures an all natural 32-24-34C, she was quick to add that "The whole Pacino Cash team has been really awesome to work with on my own website! I can't wait to get things rolling with all my fans, and I totally understand how important it is to help create a community where my fans can get together online, kick back and have a great time. Thanks for all your support, it really means the whole world to me."

Affiliate webmasters interested in cashing in on this exciting new solo girl opportunity and building momentum with the growing portfolio of quality content sites produced by PacinoCash are encouraged to sign up at today!
WebmasterScore News
TrafficForce Releases The First Mobile Advertiser Software For Webmasters (09-25-2012)
Canada - After a very successful launch and billions of unique clicks sold, is innovating again by releasing the first Mobile Advertiser Software for webmasters. Now, Advertisers can check existing promo campaigns on the go, edit bids, pause under-performing ad buys, resume inactive promotions or check balances from any smart phone, tablet or connected mobile device. It's a new level of convenience and instant access from anywhere for adult webmasters, and it's only available with the Traffic Force ad network.

"Advertising in the digital age is all about speed and accuracy" said Ross of "Getting direct access to all of your information no matter what time it is or where you happen to be at the moment, right from any device in your pocket, puts Traffic Force ad buyers ahead of their competition. Optimize and track ad buys while moderating your campaigns at any moment with our revolutionary new mobile Advertising software."

Using any tablet or mobile device, Advertisers can connect to online and automatically access the mobile version of the ad software platform. The design, navigation and interaction is carefully simplified and displayed in a way that maximizes convenience without obscuring the information needed to make fast, accurate decisions with every aspect of campaign ad strategy. As always, Traffic Force ad buyers can also expect an ongoing evolution of the new Mobile Advertiser Software that will bring more upgrades and enhancements in the weeks and months to come. offers buyers a real-time bid system that leverages a massive amount of in-house traffic for advertisers from many sites including The system does not allow any third-party publishers, which is an important reason why Traffic Force buyers can always be sure the traffic being purchased is high quality without any of the problems associated with third-party sources. Traffic direct from Traffic Force means you get the best traffic every time. Simply bid more than a competitor to get the most traffic while utilizing real-time tracking of percentages showing how much of an individual ad zone you can expect to get with your current bid. Bid increments may be fine-tuned all the way down to 1/100th of a cent to provide the tightest pricing at every level - and now all of this can be done from any mobile device with just a few finger swipes.

The expert staff of Mobile Traffic Force Traffic Force is available to assist you with tweaking your campaigns to provide optimal results, and can give you a full tutorial on the ways the new Mobile Advertiser Software can help you earn more money. To get started, visit and start acquiring the best adult traffic, right from the palm of your hand.
WebmasterScore News Gorgeous Hardcore XXX Erotica From Trusted Affiliate Program (09-25-2012)
Las Vegas - Nubiles made a name for itself with a site that has impressed porn fans everywhere. Then the company announced Anilos, a second successful site that took fans to the height of mature niche excitement. Now, after more than eighteen months in development, the same prestigious studio is proud to present fans and affiliates with A truly sensual hardcore erotica site for fans who appreciate cinematic quality with rare climactic intensity.

"Nubile Films takes a unique approach to adult entertainment that is designed to allow every viewer to feel like they are in the room as the action happens" said Kristin of "Natural beauty and a keen voyeuristic perspective give our erotic videos the passion and heightened sex appeal that fans adore." Fans are ready to enjoy dozens of films and photo pictorials already published on the site, along with an update schedule that includes multiple new releases every week. Each exclusive update is produced in full HD starring lovely leading ladies like Malena Morgan, Elle Alexandra, Celeste Star, Zoey Kush, Dani Daniels, Karina White and Alexis Venton. The majority of the videos featured on Nubile Films include hardcore sex between men and women, though some particularly arousing solo vignettes and lesbian trysts are sure to be offered for members as well. is different because it focuses on the intense action, real passion and natural beauty of the models in premium hardcore, without over-doing any special effects, retouching or digitally enhancing the action. The result is evolutionary erotica that fans feel connected to in a much more visceral way.

Affiliates will be pleased to know that is built on the exact same bulletproof code of the Aniloscash webmaster program. Promotional tools include RSS Feeds, Banners, Hosted Galleries, Tube Exports and Downloadable Content Zips - while other exciting items including a full API Plugin will also be available soon. Best of all, payments are always assured because of the longstanding trust that the Nubiles team has earned over time, and the fact that CCBill is directly involved as the primary processor for the site.

If you have an active webmaster account as of September 5th, 2012, you can use your existing Anilos affiliate login information to begin promoting this new top tier content site. If you are not already familiar with Nubiles, please contact to learn more about the perfect place to send your hardcore erotica traffic. This site captures the essence of sensuality for fans, and that means maximum monetization for webmasters as well.
WebmasterScore News Launch Lets Pornstars, Fans And Studios Stay Connected (09-18-2012) is a new platform for adult professionals and porn aficionados to gather online sharing their favorite erotic content and adult services. The new era digital pin-up board content management system allows millions of users to drag and drop their favorite porn items while creating their own unique collections. Pin Sex serves porn fans' insatiable craving for the best porn online while supporting the adult business community by providing an exciting new way to market purchasable XXX materials at the same time.

" is a rapidly growing community of users finding, watching, curating, collecting and marketing porn content" said Christian Thorn, CEO of Pin Sex. "During our soft-launch phase the site quickly became an oasis for invited hardcore fans and adult industry insiders in a new marketing universe where visitors, clients, advertisers and affiliates connect via our secure aesthetically pleasing environment. Now, it is with great pleasure, that we are announcing the official world-wide launch of the platform and inviting everyone to enjoy the next step forward for porn fans and adult studios online."

With the marketing platform, porn aficionados can build their own collections for free and share them with the world. Real amateurs can show off homemade videos or photos to a massive audience, and professional porn studios can promote their content as a seamless part of our growing community. Individual pornstars are also finding that Pin Sex makes it easier than ever for fans and starlets to connect on an intimate level, by enhancing their visibility to gain a wider audience. Adult service providers including escorts, erotic dancers and adult dating enthusiasts can also create their own personal profiles, offer unique services on a geo-targeted location specific basis and so much more.

" gives visitors the impression that it is the simplest site on the internet while using a highly advanced infrastructure in the background, including all of the latest web technologies" said David Hawkins, CTO of Pin Sex. "HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, customized C++, Pearl, and many other proprietary server-side technologies combine to give the site the computational power needed to handle massive amounts of data with instantaneous speed while allowing the user experience to be extraordinarily easy. I've been in the field more than 15 years, and this is an evolutionary jump forward for adult entertainment online."

"Creating your own account is absolutely free and takes only a few clicks at" said Joăo Matos Online Marketing Manager. "We look forward to continuing the rapid growth of our community and are always looking for new ways to partner with other leading companies. Please contact with any feedback, suggestions or innovative ways you believe our companies should begin working together to build a better adult entertainment experience for fans and industry insiders alike.”
WebmasterScore News Opens New Revenue Streams For Site Owners And Producers (09-05-2012)
PaidPerView is a content partnership program that uses technological simplicity and a massive traffic network to monetize content for paysite owners, content producers and affiliates. The new system allows content owners to upload partial or full-length videos for display on major adult entertainment sites including PORN.COM, with several ways for everyone involved to cash-in together on views, sales to your own site and optional download profits as well.

"Using PaidPerView, our content partners can login to upload video content they own, along with relevant tags and niches to start earning revenue" said David K. of "We pay per page view while also displaying an ad for their own paysite branding purposes and sending click-through traffic to their sites on an affiliate basis. Content owners can also track all the activity using a very straight-forward interface and other shared revenue streams are already in the planning phase."

For many content owners the beauty of the PaidPerView system is its all-inclusive simplicity. Promotional work, traffic and hosting are all done by expert PaidPerView staffers. Your site banner and links are displayed right below each of your videos to drive sales to your sites, enhance the visibility of your brand and improve your ROI on every new video you include.

Content owners uploading a sufficient quantity of quality videos can also request their own content Channel in the system, to simultaneously provide even greater brand awareness while developing a loyal traffic following on the sites where videos are displayed. is the newest innovation from the minds at PIMPROLL, HostedTube and TrafficForce. Opening new revenue streams for anyone seeking to better monetize their content in the modern era, PaidPerView users can get started in minutes and support staff are always available to guide you through the process. Visit to start getting paid for a lot more than just joins.
WebmasterScore News Launches Lucy Ohara Redhead Solo Girl Site (08-06-2012)
La Zona Entertainment first established their solid reputation with webmasters as the creators of the Latin Teen Cash network. Their efforts soon expanded to include the portfolio of profitable solo girl sites now known as, and the good news keeps on coming with several new sites in the pipeline for 2012, beginning with today's announcement that is ready for webmasters to cash in on the first natural redhead in the lineup.

Pacino Cash is an adult entertainment sponsor that continues to adapt, move forward and make money for traffic partners and each of the exciting models the program promotes.

“Working with Lucy Ohara on the project has been awesome, and everyone at La Zona Entertainment is excited about the opening of her solo girl site” said CEO Bobby Catalano, aka Pacino. "Lucy brings a brand new flavor to the palette of sweethearts Pacino Cash promotes and she is fully engaged with her fans, which makes marketing memberships so much easier for all of her affiliates."

The website includes plenty of fresh exclusive video content, high definition pictorials, weekly live webcam shows for members and amateur behind the scenes content. Lucy actively participates in many efforts to connect directly with her fans through the site itself, her active twitter account, tumbler and several other social networks. Pacino Cash has always believed that the interactive nature of quality solo girl content is what sets great sites apart from good ones and Lucy is always exploring new ways to satisfy the craving of her fans for an even more personal adult experience online.

"It feels great to finally have my own site live!" said Lucy Ohara. "I've been a full-time cam girl for a while now, and if you're familiar at all with cam sites or interacting with cam models, I am well aware of the importance fans place on having a model who really likes to provide extra content to make each member feel special. Working with PacinoCash has been incredible because I have known Pacino, Kellie and the crew since long before I ever got into business with them. They are great folks both on and off the clock. That level of trust in our relationship translates into a much more personable feel for the site and a strong commitment to keeping our fans happy, which is also great news for our webmasters. Promoting Lucy Ohara is easy, and I will be doing all I can to make it even easier as our community continues to grow online."

Affiliate webmasters interested in cashing in on this exciting new solo girl opportunity and building momentum with the growing portfolio of content properties produced by PacinoCash are encouraged to sign up at Pacino Cash today!
WebmasterScore News
Viv Thomas Golf Tournament Tees Off 5th Annual International Industry Insider Event (05-22-2012)
Algarve, Portugal - For the fifth consecutive year in a row, the Viv Thomas Masters Golf Tournament is ready to bring together leading companies and VIPs for four rounds of championship golf across world class courses in Portugal from Mondy June 18th to Thursday June 21st 2012. The event features pristine scenic views, fresh air, outdoor fun and lively competitive golf with friends. The guest list already includes an impressive list of industry golfing enthusiasts and now is the time for you to contact Viv Thomas if your company has not signed up already.

A truly international guest list, representing major companies from many countries, makes the Viv Thomas Masters a unique event on the adult industry calendar each year. Gamma Entertainment will be arriving with their clubs from Montreal, Canada. Epoch Billing is putting on their cleats in California. Harmony Films plans to fly in from London along with Erigo Distribution and Pulse & Cocktails Sex Shops VIPs ensuring a strong representation on the course from the United Kingdom. Load Enterprises / Simply the Best will be playing on behalf of Spain and the list of players from around the globe continues to grow each year.

It is important to note that the Viv Thomas Masters is also unique in that it brings together companies from both Mainstream and Adult interests, making cross-platform networking and new market expansion a very popular topic of conversation as players vie for the prestigious title of Viv Thomas Masters Grand Champion.

This year the tournament will make use of the three best golf courses Portugal can throw at us. Arnold Palmer's renowned championship course Victoria, where The Portuguse Masters and the PGA World Cup have both been played previously. Then on to The Laguna for two rounds on a course renowned for its gorgeous views and challenging holes, with the Millenium course finishing out the triumvirate of obstacles each player must overcome to win tournament glory.

Whether you are new to Portugal or have been here many times in the past, we welcome you to enjoy Viv Thomas legendary hospitality and the excellent local Portuguese food, wine and spectacular summer weather together with old friends and new ones at an event that is simply not to be missed!

For those who prefer not to play golf on the courses, knowing Viv Thomas, there are bound to be some beauties and plenty of other worthwhile distractions to put competing golfers off their game while entertaining spectators and making this the most memorable set of 72 holes you have ever enjoyed.

If you haven't reserved your place, there are still a few slots available but the event does fill to capacity every year so it is imperative that you get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Visit to learn more as we look forward to seeing you on the course and sharing the thrill of victory.
WebmasterScore News Version 4.0 Offers Full HD for Fans (05-01-2012)
For several years has remained at the top of the massive all-inclusive porn DVD site niche with a staggering number of top quality titles from the best XXX studios. With an interface that makes browsing more than 65,000 full length scenes as easy as a just a few clicks, members were already able to enjoy their favorite adult films in a proprietary video player that puts them in complete control of the action. Now, thanks to an entirely new site design, VideosZ version 4.0 takes adult entertainment to a whole new level by giving fans an even more personal way to enjoy the best porn at an amazing pace.

For starters, VideosZ is committed to upgrading their archives to the highest video resolution possible, and is already providing more than 2,000 scenes in full HD with many more new releases on the way and collectors favorites being digitally remastered to please even the most quality-conscious audience members. The site has also improved the technology used in the proprietary player to better handle alternative browsers, support new video formats and allow for custom user settings that match the display to the capabilities of each viewer individually.

"One of the main challenges of maintaining and improving VideosZ is the sheer size of the collection and speed of updates we provide" said Clement of "There may not be another site anywhere online that has a catalog as large as ours or that adds five full DVDs of content every day, seven days each week, for fans to enjoy. That requires a very powerful auto-complete search system, a variety of ways for our members to find what they are seeking and unique features like 'watch it later' which enable the ability of our audience to sift through our entire collection to find the specific scenes, models and activities they enjoy the most. Version 4.0 does that better than any other interface we have created and the feedback from fans is very appreciative."

Along with the technological improvements and format upgrades, now also gives fans access to the complete VideosZ Network of sites and includes several improvements specifically designed to make sure that the site stays ahead of any 'copycat' sites or free tubes.

"Fans can find a lot of free porn videos online, if they want to spend their time using search engines to find an occasional video while manually filtering out all kinds of undesirable destinations" said Andrew of "We find that many consumers would rather pay a reasonable price to avoid the inconveniences of so-called free porn, and instead focus their fantasy time on watching exactly the kind of content they crave right from the start. provides a user experience beyond anything a customer can find for free, and version 4.0 takes that fact a few steps even further."

Always seeking new partners, B2B deals and quality affiliates, webmasters interested in working with one of the largest most forward thinking adult sites are encouraged to contact to make arrangements, while fans continue to feast their eyes on the glory of the newest VideosZ evolution!
WebmasterScore News
Manica Media Leads Viv Thomas To The Next Level (03-26-2012)
Manica Media is leading the affiliate program and the Viv Thomas content site network to a new level of prosperity by managing online operations, with new state of the art promotional materials, complete NATS integration and a variety of upsell opportunities that significantly improve the value per consumer for site owners and affiliates on every sale. You owe it to yourself to maximize your return on investment and Manica Media is ready to help you exceed your own sales goals.

"A lot of adult entertainment fits the same cookie-cutter style" said Erwin de Boer of Manica Media. "Viv Thomas has exceptional content that does very well with couples, a growing market of female buyers and men seeking a more intimate fantasy experience. We are excited to implement Manica Media promotional tools and sales support methods for VTCash because we have great respect for their longevity and the quality of the content they produce. Our internal testing has already shown excellent results and we see the entire program moving forward very rapidly."

Manica Media is redesigning the paysite and will be launching additional new niche sites to optimize consumer interest while making it even easier for affiliates to target the sites best suited to their own specific traffic. That means more sales, more money and better margins for everyone involved.

"Our philosophy has always been to display the female form in a manner that encapsulates the true essence of beauty" said Viv Thomas of "Erotica with thought, depth and artistic merit designed to portray women with admiration and respect. When people are together they make love. Our content is exceptional because it shows what actually happens in the bedroom, lounge, office or other sexy settings with passion, love and feeling."

Affiliates interested in cashing in on more than 20 years of experience selling erotica, and the unique advantages of a paysite program powered by Manica Media, are encouraged to signup at or contact to discuss your upcoming campaigns.
WebmasterScore News
Anabolic And Manica Media Team To Launch New Affiliate Program (02-15-2012)
Spain - Fans of adult entertainment are well-aware of Anabolic digital and adult industry insiders know all about the massive commercial success of Anabolic content. Now, the company is unleashing the full potential of its brand online by partnering with Manica Media to create the flagship website as affiliates looking for content that converts are flocking to Anabolic Cash to put powerful new promo materials into their winning traffic campaigns.

Anabolic got it's start originally in Venice, California in 1991 and has continuously produced top quality adult content for more than twenty years. During that time Anabolic has discovered and honed many rare porn Directorial talents including: Mike John, Vince Vouyer, John Strong, Eric Everhard, Ivan, Alexis Amore, Buffy Malibu, Sean Michaels, Jean-Yves LeCastle, Christoph Clark, John Doe, and Lexington Steele to name a few.

"In two decades of producing the highest quality content for fans, we have learned a lot about what the porn public really wants to see, and we pride ourselves on the level of brand support we have developed as a result" said Christopher Alexander, president of Anabolic. "When an adult entertainment fan sees the Anabolic name, they know they are in for some of the wildest and most exciting action their eyes have ever seen. It's a pleasure working with Manica Media to build a web presence worthy of fan affection as well."

The company is also proud of it's reputation for filming the hottest XXX hardcore pornstars including: Shyla Stylez, Tera Patrick, Francesca Le', Belladona, Monica Sweetheart, Teagan Presley, Debi Diamond, Jenna Haze, Rebecca Lord, Inari Vachs, Aurora Snow, Gauge and Audrey Hollander - many of whom star in some of their first scenes and many others doing things that they have never done before or since for any other production company.

" arrives online at the perfect time for affiliates looking to capitalize on rare under-saturated content and a bankable brand name" said Erwin de Boer, VP of Online Media for Manica Media. "The videos are digitally remastered top quality productions and the partnership with Manica means that affiliates can work closely with experienced webmasters who have a lengthy track record of marketing success, while Anabolic can continue to focus on producing the finest new exclusive content available anywhere online."

For more information, please visit to create your own affiliate account. Create campaigns using access to a wide variety of new high quality and unique promotional material. Get in today, to be among the first affiliates to capitalize on our excellent conversion ratios by bringing new customers to sites that have relied almost exclusively on type-in traffic until now. This is an amazing opportunity. Enjoy.
WebmasterScore News Sells 1 Billion Impressions Per Month (09-14-2011)
Canada - Finally after several months of intense testing, the Traffic Force network of sites and powerful tracking tools are available for webmasters seeking the best quality niche specific traffic at low prices with proven reporting methods. Sending traffic from premium domains including and many other high volume sites in the Traffic Force portfolio, the network provides more than 1 Billion impressions per month for advertisers seeking an immediate boost to your bottom line.

"I've been in the media buying side of the business for close to nine years, working with all of the major buyers and sellers of high quality traffic" said Ross of PIMPROLL and "Now, after more than a year of internal testing and tracking I'm proud to announce the official release of Traffic Force, a system I believe to be the absolute best of its kind thanks to many innovative features.

Traffic Force offers buyers a real-time bid system that leverages a massive amount of in-house traffic for advertisers. The system does not allow any third-party publishers, which is an important reason why Traffic Force buyers can always be sure the traffic they are purchasing is high quality and without any of the problems associated with less reliable traffic purchases from third-party sources. Traffic direct from Traffic Force means you get the best traffic every time. Due to the bid process all traffic prices are always the absolute minimum price possible. Simply bid more than a competitor to get the most traffic while utilizing real-time tracking of percentages showing how much of an individual ad zone you can expect to get with your current bid. Bid increments may be fine-tuned all the way down to 1/100th of a cent to provide the tightest pricing at every level.

Traffic is sold on a CPM basis because experience shows that to be the fairest way for advertisers to get the maximum value out of every penny allocated to traffic income. Get the most out of each impression by creating quality promotional materials and measuring effectiveness while evolving your campaign to maximize the click-through ratios and conversion ratios.

With the Traffic Force tool set you are always in complete control of every ad campaign. Set daily limits to spread your traffic over a pre-planned period of time and to stay within a fixed budget with true price certainty. Geo-Target your ad buys to pair your monetization sites with the audience that is the most productive and least costly to procure. Test different markets or utilize traffic buys to expand the reach of your brand into new markets. Traffic Force takes all the guesswork out of media marketing for clients.

Our expert staff of traffic gurus can assist you with tweaking your campaigns to provide optimal results on the traffic side of the equation so companies with their talents focused on other key areas of successful internet marketing can succeed in today's complex marketplace. Placing ads, tweaking campaigns and tracking results only takes a few seconds. To get started visit Traffic Force and start acquiring the best adult traffic right now.
WebmasterScore News Releases Exclusive Parody: Being Arnold Schwanzenegger (06-16-2011)
What would it be like to find a secret portal capable of transporting you into the mind and body of the Governator for a sexy voyage into a XXX fantasy world where every woman says 'Yes' and every pair of perfect thighs are always wide open for you?!

A Day in the XXX Life of Arnold Schwanzenegger also stars Victoria Kennedy, Bailey Blue, Adriana Luna, Rosalie Ruiz and Riley Evans in a full length feature ripped from the news headlines and sure to have porn fans laughing all the way toward their own countless orgasms. Catch-phrases, familiar settings and the undeniable accent are all part of being Arnold Schwanzenegger for a few fantasy fucks.

"It seems that politics has become even more hardcore than most porn movie plots" said David K. of "From Congressman Weiner's wiener pics on Twitter to Arnold the Governor and his mistresses. If men in power won't keep it in their pants, fans want to see why, where and how these famous icons find the time to have sex with strangers. Now, thanks to and our exclusive parody videos, our fans are getting something good from their tax dollars - high quality HD fantasy videos starring the fictional version of Arnold Schwanzenegger reenacting his hardcore sex life with several the prettiest girls ever filmed!"

Already offering more than 43,000 full length adult videos, 8,173 Fully Downloadable DVDs, the best video streaming technology and the lowest price points possible - is the home page for adult entertainment online. Every pornstar you can think of, multiple formats and exclusive top tier content including exciting porn parodies like this one round out the collection for fans and affiliates alike. To see the full length exclusive Arnold Schwanzenegger XXX parody movie, FREE for a limited time, visit and become part of the fastest growing adult community online right now!
WebmasterScore News
La Zona Entertainment Continues To Evolve (05-18-2011)
When La Zona Entertainment originally started in 2003 it was a company focused entirely on the Latina niche market with a single consumer brand. Since that time the company has continued to flourish. The single-brand approach has blossomed into several successful sites, award winning affiliate support and an enduring commitment to providing the best quality adult entertainment for fans. As the company continues to move forward, the website is also being upgraded for affiliates and business partners. La Zona Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of a completely revamped web portal providing all of the information that traffic partners need to maximize their revenue from one central internet address.

"There are many advantages to the growth and diversity of the La Zona Entertainment portfolio and the new company site adds a lot of value" said Kellie, COO of La Zona Entertainment. "One of the key challenges to managing all of our brands effectively is making sure that the many companies we work with each have the most recent information and marketing materials every month. Doing that separately for, and each of the individual sites that our partners promote is much less efficient than making sure everything is available all from one place all the time online. We wanted to make sure that our new corporate site drew in all the best aspects of the sites it aggregates, and we are very happy with the finished product."

With the long standing success of the Spice girl solo sites in the Latina niche, La Zona Entertainment keeps the ball rolling with their most recent Latina solo girl site which has proved to be a great addition to the solo girl lineup, and creation of several upcoming sites in the pipeline for later this year, shows the enormous growth potential that La Zona Entertainment seeks to capitalize on as the company continues to expand.

"These days, running a successful adult business means managing many sides of the company effectively at the same time" said Bobby Catalano, CEO of LaZona Entertainment. "Everything from acquiring new models, to social networking initiatives, affiliate program support and site development has to happen in the most efficient and productive way possible. The launch of our new home online allows us to centralize a lot of tasks, communicate more effectively with our partners and put the best product in front of our fans every day. Our brand is strong and we will continue to develop properties we feel bring strength to our online portfolio.”

Providing all the standard marketing materials from exclusive photo sets to video embeds, hosted galleries, RSS Feeds, frequently updated original Blog content, and custom promotional ads for affiliates upon request - La Zona Entertainment has always been about making sites simple to promote and easy to profit from whether you are a long time industry veteran or a new webmasters. Take a moment to visit the new website and learn more about the impressive catalog of sites available, or to speak with expert support staff about the many ways La Zona can help you amp up your affiliate campaigns.
WebmasterScore News
L3 Payments Executive Team to Attend The Phoenix Forum (03-28-2011)
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. - L3 Payments’ knowledgeable executive team will be participating in next week’s Phoenix Forum to meet with industry colleagues and Internet entrepreneurs interested in safeguarding their revenue streams.

L3 Payments will take the opportunity to introduce, at the popular adult webmaster event, new concepts and initiatives that enhance both the merchant accounts and billing experience collectively.

The team’s extensive combined history in the payment processing space consistently evolves and innovates to keep merchants current and to address the unique demands of high-risk businesses worldwide.

The Phoenix Forum offers the opportunity to meet the newest addition to the L3 Payments team, Eric Munz. The new L3 Payments Vice President of Sales and Marketing brings with him more than 10 years in the payment processing space.

L3 Payments also is pleased to have the opportunity to mix and mingle during The Phoenix Forum’s Meet & Greet events, where in a relaxed setting, our team of qualified professionals can help you secure safe, reliable and cost-effective financial transactions for your business. The company is entertaining private business meetings on Friday. Contact Kristen for more information.

Founded in 2005, L3 Payments has developed and maintains a network of financial institutions both domestic and abroad, to promote safe, reliable and cost-effective financial transactions for businesses in the high-risk space.

As a full-service company, L3 offers risk management services to safeguard merchant accounts from online fraud, providing merchants with knowledge and tools to stay in complete control of their receivables within their merchant and ACH accounts. L3 Payments also provides its clientele personalized consulting services for chargeback dispute and processing, payment procedure design and development, and employee training.
WebmasterScore News
PIMPROLL Acquires (02-10-2011)
PIMPROLL is announcing the acquisition of and is establishing the premier domain as the top choice for fans of teen hardcore and webmaster affiliates alike. A staggering 2,680 unique teen girls appear on the site with a large catalog of exclusive HD videos and a huge bonus content section destined to put a smile on the face of anyone seeking to enjoy the company of an angelic sweetheart online.

The eighteen and nineteen year old niche has long been a fan favorite among porn collectors seeking fresh new faces and innocent exciting performances hotter than anywhere else - and the Teen Girls domain name is undeniably synonymous with the niche itself. "Having the predominant domain name in a niche comes with a degree of responsibility as well" said David K. of PIMPROLL. "We know from our experience with that fans and affiliates expect more from a site like than they would from a lesser brand. Rather than shy away from that challenge, everyone at PIMPROLL feeds off the excitement of creating a user experience and entertainment product that is truly superior. From the tour to the members area, the genuine quality and unmatched quantity of the member site really speaks for itself."

The site already features 2,680 teen girls, starring in 153 exclusive HD teen videos, and more than 600 rare teen DVDs which equates to a massive 3,347 teen xxx updates. Coupling that impressive content catalog with an exciting new site design and interactive functionality makes this one of the most highly anticipated site upgrades released in quite a while.

As always, PIMPROLL affiliates are now able to control their own join form with a variety of price points, billing options and payout settings that take full advantage of the unique flexibility provided by the affiliate program's custom link code selection system. For more information, or to begin promoting the best name in teen girls entertainment, visit or speak with your expert account representative today.
WebmasterScore News
Blazing Bucks Brings Home Affiliate Program of the Year Award (02-10-2011)
LOS ANGELES — When BlazingBucks was announced as the 2011 winner of the Affiliate Program of the Year, the XBIZ Award validated more than six years of hard work and an enduring determination to continue setting the highest standard of excellence as the company continues moving forward and earning money for all of its traffic partners.

"We are really thrilled" said Mark Blazing of "Having been nominated twice in the past as the Emerging Affiliate Program of the Year, we see this as a statement from industry insiders that we have not only emerged, but succeeded in demonstrating that our consistent effort and affiliate-first approach offers real benefits for fans and affiliates alike. It means a lot to us and I sincerely thank every person on our team from our conscientious staff of in-house employees to our long time traffic partners and newest affiliate webmasters. I feel like we all won something tonight."

Just being nominated in a category that contained perennial powerhouses like Playboy, Twistys and MaxCash along with strong up and coming contenders like PaperStreetCash and OCCash made the 2011 Affiliate Program of the Year award one of the most hotly contested categories in years, and all that stiff competition made being announced the winner even sweeter for BlazingBucks.

"Part of what makes this industry great is the fact that we are able to work closely together with many of the same people we are competing with each year" said Mark Blazing. "Being congratulated by many of the most talented people in internet marketing and recognized as the 2011 award winning program is something very special to me. In many ways that matters even more than the award itself, because it shows BlazingBucks has always done our part for the industry and done our best to serve the needs of the adult online community as a whole. We will continue to provide top quality exclusive entertainment for fans and the support systems necessary for affiliates to generate an exceptional revenue stream from their own traffic investment. That is our commitment."

The year is only in its second month and already Blazing Bucks has been making a lot of positive news, first by announcing a strategic partnership with Gamma Entertainment to expand the reach of their growing adult site network and now by bringing home the big prize at the annual XBIZ awards show.

Affiliate webmasters interested in cashing in on the award winning service, support and content of the 2011 Affiliate Program of the Year are encouraged to join the team at today. Expert support staff and award winning marketing tools are available right now to assist you in making this your best year ever.
WebmasterScore News
WebmasterScore Ads Go Live (04-11-2009)
WebmasterScore continues to build momentum among the adult affiliate community and recently we have began to increase our visibility by increasing our advertising within select adult industry media outlets. This example comes from a print ad recently published in Fubar Times Magazine which was distributed by hand at the Phoenix Forum and also made available to their entire subscriber market as well.

At a time when some companies are shying away from expanding their operations or strengthening their brand due to the current economic climate, WebmasterScore continues to take an optimistic approach and sees these harsh times as an opportunity for bold people and quality companies to move forward even faster.

If you have quality ad space available and are interested in promoting the WebmasterScore Affiliate Productivity Website, contact us to discuss the benefits of your ad package and to see if our companies might be able to strengthen each other during tough economic times as we continue to gain momentum and move on to brighter days ahead.
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WebmasterScore Surpasses The 1,000 Review Request Milestone! (03-24-2009)
As reported in XBIZ, Klixxx and several other industry publications - WebmasterScore has surpassed the 1,000 Review Request Milestone by processing requests for more than 215 adult sponsor programs and 45+ Review Sites.

Reaching this impressive milestone was possible only because of the unique amount of cooperation that exists even among competitors within the adult online industry. Paysite and Review Site owners working together to save time and earn money through the provision of a better product, an honest marketing campaign and a simple to use FREE productivity tool offered by

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for allowing us to continue operating the Review Site Submitter, Adult Niche Domains System, Sponsor Search and Review Site Tracker components of WebmasterScore for webmasters free of charge.

If you have not done so already, you might consider signing up with: Hustler Cash, PIMPROLL,, VideosZ, TopBucks, Fame Dollars, JuggCash, Cam Dough, Engine Food, Royal Vault, Reality Cash and Blazing Bucks. Their generosity has helped WebmasterScore make this industry more profitable for everyone involved in it.
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Gay Webmasters - WebmasterScore In The News (09-15-2008)
Popular webmaster resource site for the gay community has published its first report about WebmasterScore.

WebmasterScore services all segments of adult online content including sites designed to satisfy bisexual, straight and gay consumers. The Review Site Submitter, Sponsor Search and Adult Niche Domains areas of the Webmaster Score website are equally useful to webmasters of all orientations and are designed to maximize profits across the board.
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Klixxx Magazine Reports on Adult Niche Domains (08-29-2008)
Klixxx Magazine has checked out the Adult Niche Domains service and filed the attached report about this amazing opportunity for Domainers.

With such wide spread media coverage by trusted outlets like Klixxx it's clear that the Adult Niche Domains system has the kind of innovative ideas behind it, and staying power to succeed in the competitive arena of webmaster domain name marketing.
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Adult Niche Domains - Report By AVN (08-27-2008)
AVN Online recently published their own report about the exciting launch of Adult Niche Domains.

The Adult Niche Domains system is unlike anything else on the market for Domainers. A new service allows Buyers to find domains by Niche rather than only by name and it allows Sellers to list their domains without any fees or commissions taken from their sale price. That’s right, thanks to generous sponsors the entire Adult Niche Domains system is 100% FREE… free to list, free to buy and free to sell!

Already well known to webmasters for providing accurate impartial Sponsor Reviews of more than 190 adult affiliate programs and for being the home of the industry’s only Review Site Submitter which has now sent out review requests for more than 800+ adult paysites to 40+ quality review sites, the Adult Niche Domains system gives a whole new set of webmasters an excellent reason to check out WebmasterScore.

During closed Beta of this new system hundreds of domain names have been listed for sale and a few have already sold even before today’s official launch. The beauty of Adult Niche Domains is that you can look up domains by setting the Niche you are searching to “Asian” or “Review Site” or “Tube Site” instead of being limited to word searches. That way a buyer trying to find a good domain for an Asian paysite will find names like instead of only finding domains with the word Asian in them.

Adult Niche Domains also allows content pricing as well, so dormant domain names are for sale and so are complete sites including content. Prices on the site currently range from as little as a few dollars per domain all the way up to 1,000,000+ for complete revenue generating websites… and even on a domain sale of over a million dollars there are no fees or commissions required (that’s a savings of five of six percent as compared to many other listing sites!)
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Adult Niche Domains Launches (as reported on XBIZ) (08-26-2008)
The Adult Niche Domains system has already been reported by many respected adult industry news outlets including XBIZ. It is an entirely free system thanks to our sponsors and it is designed to save buyers time by allowing them to search for Domains by Niche rather than only by name. It's also a great system for sellers because there are no fees or commissions... you keep 100% of the sale price for any domain you sell. Hundreds of Domains have already been listed and several have already been sold. Adding your Domains takes only a few seconds and we are available to assist you with the process. Finding, Buying or Selling adult niche domains has never been easier than it is right here on, right now!
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Review Site Tracker Launches! (04-30-2008)

As reported on XBIZ earlier today, the Webmaster Score Review Site Tracker is LIVE! The Tracker is simple to use, it saves paysite owners a lot of time... and thanks to our sponsors it's 100% FREE!

In January launched the adult industry's first and only Review Site Submitter, allowing paysite owners to submit their sites for review on 35+ review sites from one simple to use webmaster resource tool. During the last four months the response from paysite and review site owners has been amazing! So far 140 Sponsor Programs have used the Webmaster Score service, sending more than 450 adult paysites through it for review on 35+ review sites.

With so many programs now using the Review Site Submitter to send such a large number of paysite review requests to so many high-quality Review Sites, keeping track of all the activity has quickly become an important task for site owners as well.

WebmasterScore is proud to announce the addition of the new Review Site Tracker system as another free resource tool. The Review Site Tracker allows site owners to see a complete listing of their own paysites along with the date they submitted their site to each review site, the date each review site published a review of their site and the score the review site gave them… complete with links directly to each review!

Instead of searching dozens of review sites to find your own sites and seeing which reviews might be in need of an update, all of that information is now compiled for you in a simple to use interface... and thanks to industry leading sponsors like: Hustler Cash, PlugInFeeds, Fame Dollars, PIMPROLL, Reality Cash, Bad Puppy, High Def Riches, Engine Food, VideoZ, Royal Vault, Adult Design and Essog Video Encoding... its FREE! If you are interested in getting your paysites reviewed, tracking reviews of your sites or finding quality programs to send traffic by using the WebmasterScore Sponsor Search system, please contact me on ICQ# 266942896 and I'll show you how the site can be used to help you earn more money in less time!

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Review Site Submitter In The News Again (04-02-2008)
For those who missed Phoenix Forum this year, the WebmasterScore Review Site Submitter was featured in a two page article of the April edition of Fubar Times Magazine which was distributed at the show and will be mailed out to subscribers as well.

The article includes notable quotations from industry leading companies including some who sponsor the WebmasterScore website keeping it free for everyone to use. If you are using our Sponsor Search feature and have not yet put the Review Site Submitter to use for your company please contact us at ICQ# 266942896 and we will get you set-up to enjoy the benefits of this amazing free webmaster resource tool.
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WebmasterScore Launches Review Site Submitter (03-16-2008)
By Mona M. - Klixxx Adult Webmaster Magazine

September 2008 - While has already built a loyal community of webmasters who use the site daily, nobody would have been able to predict that the Sponsor Search functionality of the site was only the first step in what is sure to become an incredibly popular webmaster resource. We often hear that someone is about to launch “something HUGE” but this is one of those rare instances where the hype and the facts are all in alignment. The first and only adult review site submitter is now available…. and it works!

“It’s taken a lot of work to make the WebmasterScore review site submitter possible. 40+ review site owners have agreed to accept requests from the free service, more than 150 program owners have sent their sites through it… and already in only the first few months of its existence, it has processed more than 600 adult paysite review requests!” said Stewart Tongue, owner of WebmasterScore. “Having owned my own review sites and worked as a writer for many paysite program owners as well, I became aware that a tremendous amount of time is being wasted by paysite owners and review site owners alike as they work to find each other. The new Review Site Submitter fills that gap and will save literally 1000s of hours of lost time on both sides of the equation.”
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Review Site Submitter Launches! (02-19-2008)
WebmasterScore is proud to announce the release of the industry's first and only Review Site Submitter service.

The new Review Site Submitter allows any affiliate program to submit their sites for review on 25+ Review Sites from one central location in less than 5 minutes. This new free service saves webmasters thousands of hours of effort and streamlines the entire site review process.

Each review site is carefully pre-screened before being listed and many of the most respected Review Sites have already started using the new service. RabbitsReviews, TheBestPorn, FreeOnes, SirRodneys, GayDemon, Pams Reviews,, BiReviews, PlanetClimax and dozens of other professional review sites have agreed to accept review requests directly from the WebmasterScore Review Site Submitter system.

During Beta testing the Review Site Submitter processed well over 50 site review requests and sent them to review site owners. Major industry leaders who had a chance to see the site in action during Beta have decided to sponsor the WebmasterScore website. The continued generosity of world class affiliate programs including: HustlerCash, PIMPROLL, FameDollars, FetishHits, PuppyCash, VideosZ, RealityCash, AdultDateCash, HighDefRiches, RoyalVault and other prominent adult companies allows all webmasters to use this amazing new tool as a free resource.

Review Site owners, Affiliate Programs and Sponsors interested in utilizing this exciting new webmaster resource tool are encouraged to contact me via ICQ# 266942896 or by email to Relentless at
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XBIZ Feature Article About (12-20-2007)

XBIZ has published a Feature Article about in their digital online edition. We would like to thank XBIZ for taking the time to speak with us about WebmasterScore and for writing an article that fairly depicts the goals we have for this website.

You can read the article by clicking the attached screen-shot image to the right of this news item or you can see it in print when the February 2008 edition is available.

We have some other BIG news planned for our members that will be posted in January so please have a Happy New Year and check back when your buzz finally wears off!
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We Want To Thank Everyone (12-05-2007)

During the past few months of its development, Webmaster Score has evolved quite a bit. We want to thank all of the great program owners and generous webmasters who have been willing to work with us. Some gave many hours of their time to make sure that the reviews we publish are factually accurate, provide worthwhile data for webmasters and are fair to each of the programs we review.

Our goal is simple: We want everyone to earn more money. Webmaster Score is not designed to tell you who is the "best", it is designed to help webmasters find out which sponsors fit their traffic and the business model they are pursuing. Only you know which sponsor will be the "best" for your traffic, but our reviews and the information they provide can help you make more informed decisions and find programs you may have overlooked.

We are seeking to help quality webmasters and quality programs find each other so that they can become winning combinations. The more matches we can help to make, the more money everyone will earn. Webmaster Score earns money in two ways. We accept advertising via banner spots but you will quickly see that our advertisers are not given any special treatment in their reviews and often are not paysite owners. We also ask that webmasters signup with new programs directly through our site which is easy to do because links are provided, and those links allow us to gain webmaster referral credit with programs that you join. These two revenue streams allow us to offer the entire WMS service free of any direct fees or charges.

By all means, if you have any constructive comments or suggestions please contact us so that we can put them to use. We are not perfect and we want to improve our site just as badly as each paysite owner or webmaster wants to improve their own site. We look forward to the challenge of serving all of your needs and hope one day to hear that your decision to visit our site has caused you to earn more money than you would have earned otherwise.


- Rel

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