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Search For Adult Programs
Below is a list of all WMS program reviews that meet your search criteria. Click any program name for a full review or choose up to five programs and click the Compare button at the bottom to view results in head-to-head mode. You may also save your search on the bottom right for future use as well. Search results are sorted in chronological order by the most recent certification date of each review. If you prefer to sort the results differently please click the coulmn headers.

 Program NameExclusiveStatsMin. PayoutPPSRev-share
PussyCash (Im Live)YesIn-house$100$12520%
Flash CashYesNATS$20$5065%
Reality CashYesNATS$100$4060%
Juicy BucksNoIn-house$50$40N/A
Lion DollarsYesIn-house$50$4060%
Cold Hard CashYesNATS$50$4060%
Hustler CashYesMPA$50$3560%
Yanks CashYesMPA$100$3563%
Rainbow RevenueYesExec Stats$50$35N/A
Top BucksYesIn-house$50$3570%
Monster MazumaYesIn-house$50$3560%
Fame DollarsYesIn-house$50$3550%
Free Hosted CashYesMPA$50$3550%
Jenna CashYesMPA$50$3560%
Live BucksYesIn-house$50$3520%
Private CashYesIn-house$200$3550%
Pornication CashNoIn-house$25$3520%
Screw BucksNoNATS$50$3560%
Intense CashYesNATS$50$3060%
21 Sextury CashYesNATS$100$3050%
Spice CashYesMPA$50$3060%
Cash Maniacs YesIn-house$50$3050%
Digital PlaygroundYesNATS$50$3060%
Glam CashYesNATS$100$3060%
DreamGirls CashYesNATS$50$3050%
Teen Model CashNoNATS$100$3050%
Hunk MoneyYesNATS$100$3050%
Fantasy Girl RevenueYesPartnerSoft$100$2560%
Paper Street CashYesNATS$50$2550%
Profit XNoNATS$100$2560%
WEG CashYesIn-house$50$25N/A
Smash Bucks YesNATS$100$2550%
Badoink CashNoIn-house$100$2560%
Spank BankNoIn-house$25$2550%
NS CashYesMPA$50$2560%
DVDs For A BuckNoMPA$50$25N/A
Niche WealthNoExec Stats$50$2565%
Classics CashYesMPA$50$2560%
PlayGirl GoldYesEpoch Stats$50$2560%
Wet And PuffyYesCCBill$250$2550%
Grab DollarsYesCCBill$25$2550%
Yappo DollarsNoNATS$0$2025%
Teasers VODNoEpoch Stats$50$1535%
BV BucksNoCCBill$25$050%
Adult RatedNoIn-house$50N/A50%
Monster PartnersYesCCBill$0N/A55%
Not Just Lunch MoneyYesNATS$100N/A50%
Naughty Works CashYesMPA$50N/A50%
Amateurs ConvertYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Mr BanYesCCBill$0N/A50%
Sonia CashYesCCBill$0N/A50%
Island DollarsYesNATS$25N/A60%
Latin Teen CashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
STFU CashYesNATS$50N/A50%
Movie Room WebmastersNoMPA$100N/A50%
Siberia CashYesCCBill$125N/A50%
Niche PartnersYesNATS$50N/A60%
18 Close UpYesCCBill$25N/A50%
K CashYesMPA$100N/A50%
Kylie KashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Party Girl PokerYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Niche CastleYesNATS$25N/A50%
Gay Boy CashNoCCBill$25N/A50%
Wank Off WorldYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Rhino PaysYesNATS$50N/A60%
Almost Evil CashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Shameless PimpsYesCCBill$25N/A50%
MC NudesYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Cam DoughYesIn-house$100N/A30%
Leto BorgaYesCCBill$100N/A50%
Viv Thomas VideoYesNATS$25N/A50%
Vintage TabooNoEpoch Stats$25N/A45%
Fetish AssetsYesNATS$100N/A60%
Miss Mina BBWYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Anilos CashYesIn-house$50N/A50%
Earl MillerYesNATS$100N/A50%
British XXX CashNoNATS$50N/A50%
MSD CashYesCCBill$25N/A60%
GUYS on VIDEONoCCBill$25N/A50%
MonkeySpanking CashYesCCBill$25N/A60%
Emotion PornYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Axxxion CashYesNATS$50N/A50%
Sinister Angel CashNoCCBill$25N/A50%
Joanna Angel BucksYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Brazilian BucksYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Studio HDNoCCBill$25N/A50%
BuxxorsYesEpoch Stats$50N/A50%
Urge CashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Lifestyle AmateursYesNATS$25N/A50%
Puz CashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Suburban CashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Manifest GoldYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Sterling CashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Classy BucksYesCCBill$50N/A50%
Peachez PaysNoCCBill$25N/A50%
ALS CashYesCCBill$25N/A50%
Homegrown CashNoNATS$50N/A50%

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